How to Screen a Driveway using a FlipScreen E20, a major material saver!

FlipScreen E20 Screening a driveway with a JD 35G

The customer asked, is there any way we could save the material in my driveway and separate the topsoil and #2 stones?   Yes sir, and it’s using the FlipScreen E20 on the John Deere 35G mini excavator.  That’s great, says the customer, could you use this material to fill the deep holes in my yard and put the topsoil on top? 

This is exactly one of the many screening options you can do for customers while on the job site with little to no effort using the FlipScreen units.  While we are scraping and cleaning the driveway, at the same time we are screening the material into the dump trailer, on the job site.  This project from start to finish would take about 5.5 hours, however, because we are screening the material while we are doing the driveway it took an extra 1.5 hours.  The entire project took 7 hours, start to finish including hauling in the limestone.  We were able to repurpose the customer’s driveway material into top soil and stone without not having to haul in any external material other than limestone which was about 11 tons.  We used a John Deere 35G Mini Excavator, FlipScreen E20 which fits a machine 5,512 to 12,125 lbs, standard hydraulic flow, Screen mesh size ¾” 3ft x 4.4 ft, with a screen volume of 12.9 sqr ft., Roller, Wacker Tamp and Erskine Rockhound.


00:00 = Introduction
00:25 = FlipScreen E20 on a Mini, Top and #2 Stone
01:05 = Starting on the Driveway
07:55 = Screening Topsoil into the dump trailer
15:18 = Screening Material into the customer truck
19:04 = Screening Topsoil to the ground, #2 into the dump trailer
31:58 = Rolling the driveway before the limestone in laid
33:55 = Kitty, “Puddin” inspecting the driveway work.
34:05 = Finished screened material, top soil and cr#2 stone
35:09 = Backing down the limestone driveway with a tamp
37:36 = Rolling the driveway
38:52 = Rock hound the yard, #2 stone below, topsoil on top
39:21 = End of Project, wrapup


  1. From LandPro: John Deere 35G Mini Excavator
  2. From LandPro: Erskin RoundHoune
  3. From FlipScreen: FlipScreen E20, Specs fits a machine 5,512 to 12,125 lbs, standard hydraulic flow, Screen mesh size ¾” 3ft x 4.4 ft, with a screen volume of 12.9 sqr ft.
  4. From RubberTrackWareHouse: Skid Steer John Deere 323E, Tracks


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