Rebuilding a long driveway and new turnaround

LandWorks Kitty Mascot

Rebuild a long driveway and moving a little over 400 tons of material.  In this project in Scio New York we used a John Deere 110 TLB Backhoe, John Deere 323E, Small Weber Tamp, Moritz 12 Foot Dump trailer, and a GMC Duramax Diesel.  The customer wanted to add a top turnaround, lower turnaround, and fix the bumpy driveway which was very difficult to navigate in the winder.  We brought a little over 80 tons of Screened Bank run and limestone for the final finish.  The final project took 6 days including hauling in all material.


00:00 = Aerial Overview of Project
01:10 = Project Challenges Overview
05:58 = Unloading Equipment
06:53 = Building the Wider Driveway and Turn Around
08:57 = Removing a stump
10:36 = Removing Top Soil
12:24 = Removing Sluicepipe and Moving Flat Rocks
13:30 = Moving 150 tons to fill mid driveway area
20:27 = Discovered a squeaking joint
21:51 = Finishing Top Driveway Area
29:20 = Bringing in Sluice pipe and Driveway Tarp
33:30 = Cleaning Pipe and digging in sluice
36:58 = Lunchtime with my kitty buddy
37:24 = Rockhound driveway cleanup before the fabric
41:26 = Building a lower turn around
43:11 = Bring in Bank run top and laying the fabric
53:48 = Lunch buddy crossing the driveway
55:36 = Broken Hydraulic line
57:12 = Wetting then tamping the driveway
59:33 = Completing the lower driveway
1:03:15 = Final Job Completed
1:05:50 = In Loving Memory of Manni and Pippen

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  1. From LandPro Equipment: John Deere 110 TLB Backhoe, John Deere 323E Skidsteer
  2. Moritz Dump Trailer
  3. Weber Tamp
  4. Duramax Diesel GMC Truck



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